I was shocked by the f-bombs, until I embraced them

This essay was originally written in response to the prompt: “I was so angry…” on the Prompt app. Prompt is a platform that helps you write more frequently through the use of weekly prompts.

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Showing anger at work is a rare sight. We are conditioned to moderate our emotions and reactions. An outburst can be seen as unprofessional, a sign of immaturity, a flag on the individual’s capacity to take on more. But in some work environments, anger is a tool used to signal power and intensity, a way to…

Perspective on the future and how reading helps me focus

This essay was originally written in response to the prompt: “The Future Is…” on Prompt. Prompt is a platform that helps you write more frequently through the use of weekly prompts.

There are times in life when the future is clear. When I went off to college, I knew that June, four years later, was the target for graduation. When I got my first summer internship, the end date was defined. I worked hard to achieve both of those goals.

Even in more abstract situations, there’s generally some decision point…

From “Manager” to “Working on something new”, thoughts on how we label ourselves

I file my taxes every year and the process is pretty straight-forward — collect my forms, document deductions, upload for my accountant to review — but this year, I faced a new question for the first time — “Steven” my accountant asked, “what’s your occupation?”

IRS Tax form
IRS Tax form

This post was originally published on my blog Life Long Learners. Please subscribe and follow me there.

I didn’t anticipate how much this question would weigh on my mind. I left my full-time job in 2020 to work on startup ideas. I didn’t know what the future would hold, but I knew I wanted to…

First impressions & thoughts on the hot new thing

This post was originally published on my blog Life Long Learners. Please subscribe and follow me there.

I have to give props to Clubhouse. Last year, I was feeling major FOMO from not being on the app yet. Reference to Clubhouse talks were showing up regularly in my Twitter feed, colleagues across startup land were using it to highlight trends in digital, designers were talking about its clean lines and engineers were touting audio tech as the new hot thing. The buzz created by scarcity of access was impressive.

That FOMO…

And 3 to consider against it. The Pros & Cons of working in Big Tech.

Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

I didn’t start a job with one of the big tech companies right out of college. I wasn’t that fortunate. But early in my career, after working for a startup that went bust, and an old school media company that was in decline, I decided to take a risk and join another startup that was eventually acquired by Google in 2008. …

How we beat out the competition and found our dream house in Lake Tahoe

A few weeks ago, we moved into our dream house in Truckee, California, just north of Lake Tahoe. It almost didn’t happen. The rush of city dwellers looking for more space, more greenery, and an escape from the confines of their apartments was an unexpected consequence of months of sheltering-in-place. The competition it created in places like Lake Tahoe impacted many families and almost derailed our plan. But thanks to a great team helping us, and some tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way…

On my first day of writing class, my teacher said to us “writing is like a muscle, you have to use it every day to strengthen it.” I didn’t realize how true that was until I started writing regularly, by hand, and began to see how it became easier over time, and how ideas began to unlock themselves as I put pen to paper. I’ve never considered myself a very creative person, but I’ve begun to see how my creativity is like writing. It needs to be exercised and strengthened regularly.

In my work life, I’ve been an operations guy…

Creative writing in the time of COVID-19…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been taking a Creative Writing class (via Zoom of course) with my best friend from college, the incredible Nikki Levy (the creator of Don’t Tell My Mother). It’s been a great exercise in tapping into the creative side of my brain and exploring how writing can capture the ideas, feelings, and perspectives floating around my head. This piece below is from a recent class where we were asked to take a picture of our refrigerator, and then write for 5 minutes on it. I hope you enjoy…

I finished my Executive MBA with Quantic (fka Smart.ly) in August of last year and since then have gotten frequent questions about my experience with it. This post covers two of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten:

  • Will completing an MBA help me get a job in tech (and specifically at Facebook)?
  • How has this program helped you in your career?

I really enjoyed my experience with the Quantic MBA and feel like I gained a lot from it. …

View from Squaw Valley Ski Resort, March 2019

I recently moved full-time to the Sierra mountains for a healthier life, more time outdoors, and to lower our overall living expenses. In a recent conversation with a friend, she asked what other ski towns we considered moving to. We didn’t, but that got me thinking about all the great ski towns I’ve visited over the years, ones with great skiing and snowboarding nearby, plus other factors that lead to a high quality of life. And so, I did some research and ranked what, in my view, are the best ski towns in the United States to live in.


Steven Traykovski

Product/Ops Leader (ex-Google/Facebook), Entrepreneur, Working on something new,No-code fan, Nature lover

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